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Exercises You Can Do Anywhere - Muscle Flex

Exercises You Can Do Anywhere - Muscle Flex

Exercise Type: non-impact

Duration:5 minutes

Reps:3 reps

Fitness Level: Easy

Posted By:RG Bellows

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Exercise Description


Believe it or not flexing is actually a great exercise and it can be done anywhere. Even if your just standing in line at the bank, flexing is a great way to stay active if your stuck somewhere you'd rather not be.

Muscle Groups: Whole Body

Step Number 1

Focus on isolating each muscle group. In other words try to move and flex your calf muscle without moving your foot or quad muscles. Try to flex your bicep without focusing on your forearm or shoulders. Move from your feet to your head and try to isolate the movement of each muscle.


Step Number 2

Flex each muscle for 15 seconds. Do a total of three reps for each muscle. Flex your calf muscle for 15 seconds and repeat for a total of three times. Then flex your quads or thigh muscles for 15 seconds and repeat a total of three times. Then move up to the buttocks. Do the same. Move up through the abs muscles, back, and arms until you've reach your neck.


Step Number 3

Some of the muscles are easier to do when your body is in different positions. For example its easiest to flex your calf muscles when you are sitting down and the muscle is at rest. It is harder to do when you are standing.


Step Number 4

Make do with the situation and if your somewhere where you have to be standing focus on the muscles that you can control, place less emphasis on the muscles that you can't isolate.


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