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325 Calorie Exercise - Stationary Bike

325 Calorie Exercise - Stationary Bike

Exercise Type: cardio-machine

Duration:30 minutes

Distance:10.8 miles

Fitness Level: Moderate

Posted By:Greg Stallkamp

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Exercise Description


This is an exercise that is included to highlight the amount of activity necessary to burn 325 calories in 30 minutes. In this particular case you need to ride a stationary bike at a moderate to high intensity level for 30 minutes. Based upon the distance covered, you need to average roughly 20 mph for the duration of the exercise.

Muscle Groups: Legs, core

Step Number 1

Find a stationary bike. Most gyms have stationary bikes, as do public gyms such as the YMCA or a gym run by your local city or county. If none of these options exist try to find a friend (on the site) with a stationary bike.


Step Number 2

It is important to find a stationary bike, because it is easier to track your speed and calories and it is a controlled environment without any obstacles.


Step Number 3

If this is your first time on a stationary bike, take at easy. Get comfortable with your skill level and your level of intensity. Don't try to achieve the 30 minute threshold along with the 10.8 mile distance on your first try. You'll likely have to work up to this goal.


Step Number 4

Please bear in mind that calories burned are based upon many factors and are not the same for everyone. Calories burned is highly dependent on weight, in this example the calories burned were for a 31 year old male who weights 165 pounds. The amount of calories burned will vary both by age, weight, sex, and other factors. The exercise is given as a general illustration of what it takes to burn roughly 325 calories.


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