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Bunny Hops

Bunny Hops

Exercise Type: cardio-outdoor

Duration:5 minutes

Distance:NA miles

Fitness Level: Easy

Posted By:Nicole Moneer Guerrero

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Exercise Description


This is a great exercise for parents to do with their children. Bunny hops are an easy exercise that strengthen the legs, build strong bones, and help children (and adults) improve balance.

Muscle Groups: legs

Step Number 1

You can do this activity indoors or outdoors, but for this purpose let's assume you're outside enjoying a beautiful spring or summer day.

step 2

Step Number 2

Stand on the sidewalk with a friend (or child). The two of you should try to stand at least three to four feet apart.

zoom image


Step Number 3

An easy rule of thumb as demonstrated in the associated picture is to line up along the cracks in a sidewalk.


Step Number 4

Focusing on keeping both feet together. Jump over the crack in the sidewalk from side to side. This is where the name bunny hop comes from. You should be performing short, quick hops from one side to another.


Step Number 5

Try to move in unison with your partner (or child). Focus on coordination of movement and timing.

step 6

Step Number 6

As you become comfortable, try lifting up your feet and heels. This is a harder movement and requires more skill and balance.

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Step Number 7

Other alternations of this movement include jumping on one leg (which is more advanced) and turning so that you are jumping towards your partner (face-to-face) as opposed to both of you jumping side to side. You both want to jump forward and then jump backwards. For both of these alternatives, once again focus on coordination and timing. Watch each other and encourage each other.


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