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The Dr. Oz Breathing Exercise

The Dr. Oz Breathing Exercise

Exercise Type: non-impact

Duration:3 minutes

Reps:1 reps

Fitness Level: Easy

Posted By:Greg Stallkamp

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Exercise Description


This is a breathing exercise that helps you bring oxygen deeper into your lungs, which helps your blood vessels and lungs work better, and also helps calm you.

Muscle Groups: Lungs, heart

Step Number 1

Lie down with your back flat on the floor. Place one hand on your belly, the other hand on your chest.


Step Number 2

Inhale with a slow, deep breath as you count to five. Be conscious of the expansion in both your chest and belly. You should feel your chest expand as your lungs fill with air, deep inside the chest cavity.


Step Number 3

Exhale slowly as you count to seven. Feel your chest compress and your belly fall back down. Squeeze the air out of your lungs by tightening your stomach muscles and feel your belly button sink towards the floor.


Step Number 4

Repeat this exercise ten times. Be conscious of the expansion in your lungs and chest. In addition you should feel your heart rate slow down as you relax your body and fill it with oxygen.


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