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Troga (Treadmill Yoga)

Troga (Treadmill Yoga)

Exercise Type: cardio-outdoor

Duration:30 minutes

Distance:1.5 miles

Fitness Level: Moderate

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Exercise Description


Yes, Troga does exist, its not just something they make fun of on TV. Troga is a combination of yoga while on a treadmill. This is a way to exercise, strengthen, and increase flexibility in the upper body; strengthen the leg muscles; improve balance; and give the body a cardio workout.

Muscle Groups: legs, core, upper body

Step Number 1

Get on a treadmill. Set the pace to 3 mph.


Step Number 2

While walking on the treadmill go through various poses stretching and strengthening the upper body. Start by raising your arms up in the air. Once they are fully extended, place your palms together in a prayer like pose. From this position lower your hands by bending your elbows. Your hands should end up in the middle of your chest. Throughout this effort, focus on a steady pace and balance.


Step Number 3

Repeat this movement; when taking a deep breath raise your arms above your head and placing your palms together in a prayer like pose. Exhale as you bring your arms back down to the middle of your chest.


Step Number 4

For the next position lower your hands place them behind your back. Grasp your hands together, while flexing your arms. As you inhale, taking a big breath, lift your head into the air by raising your chin. Feel the stretch in your chest. Exhale as you lower your chest and relax your arms.


Step Number 5

Once you've mastered these moves, try a few more difficult positions. Raise your right arm in an arc-like motion up towards your head and keep extending it over to the left side. Make sure you are stretching your right abdominal muscles and flexing your left abdominal muscles. Your upper body should find a slight bend to your left side. Repeat the same motion with your left arm, extending it over your right side.


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