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Nicole Moneer Guerrero

Nicky's Fit Tips- A New Video Workout Each Week

Follow fitness professional Nicole Moneer Guerrero as she demonstrates a series of workouts intended to firm and strengthen the entire body. A new video from Nicole will be posted on Holosfitness.com each week. Every month Nicole will focus on a new set of muscles, as she introduces easy-to-follow routines that can be completed with little or no equipment. These exercises are perfect for beginners or those with an intermediate fitness background.

Gym rater

Gym Directory Rates and Reviews Gyms

The Gym Directory page is the perfect place to find information on gyms in your area. If you're looking for a gym, the Directory shows you a list of facilities in your geographic region. If you already belong to a gym, click on the Rate This Gym button on the gym's profile page to give feedback regarding the gym you know best. This rating will help other Holosfitness.com members make more informed decisions regarding what gym is right for them.

personal workout builder

Build Your Own Homepage

Build a homepage for use as tool to show off your accomplishments or as a private place to track progress. Pages allow you to upload pictures and videos, communicate with other members, and highlight and post data.

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Holosfitness.com is proud to introduce new search functionality on the members community tab. As a result of the expanded search parameters, you can now search for other members by name, location, and fitness interest. Happy hunting!


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